Scenic Drives

glenmacnass waterfalls 350x200

Glenmacnass Waterfall

The Glenmacnass River follows the Old Military Road from Sally Gap to Laragh and Glendalough.  The Glenmacnass Waterfall is a stunning scenic location and a popular photo stop for visitors touring along the uplands of the Wicklow Hills.  There is a car park above the Waterfall and the Waterfall is a 2 minutes’ walk.





poulaphuca reservoir 350x200Poulaphoca Reservoir


The Poulaphouca reservoir is the largest man-made lake in Ireland and the road around the lake offers amazing views over the reservoir and the Wicklow Mountains.  Drive or Cycle around the lake going through historic villages such as Valleymount, Ballyknockan or Lacken.






sally gap 350x200Sally Gap

On the road to Sally Gap, there are spectacular views of the surrounding blanket bog and the Wicklow Mountains.   Sally Gap is one of two east-to-west passes across the Wicklow Mountains. Sally Gap is a cross-road that leads you North to Dublin, West to Blessington, South to Glendalough or East to Roundwood.





vale of avoca 350x200Vale of Avoca


One of the most scenic spots in County Wicklow is the Vale of Avoca, a darkly wooded valley that begins where the Rivers Avonbeg and Avonmore come together to form the River Avoca. The aptly named Meeting of the Waters was made famous by Thomas Moore's 1808 poem of the same name.






wicklow mountains 350x200Wicklow Mountains


The Wicklow Mountains National Park covers an area of approximately 20,000 hectares (49,421 acres) and extends over much of the Wicklow mountains. Upland blanket bog and heath cover the upland slopes and rounded peaks. The wide-open vistas are interrupted only by forestry plantations and narrow winding mountain roads. Fast-flowing streams descend into the deep lakes of the wooded valleys and continue their course into the surrounding lowlands.